History Repeats Itself


This world

Governments rule over the people

People lose faith in the power

They lose faith in themselves

Someone rises up from the fallen

And leads the people

Fighting for peace and freedom

They rise up and bring about change

Away from the bloodshed

And unending wars

They spread love and compassion

For multitudes to bask in

Banishing hate to the depths of our earth

Fulfilling dreams and promises

And persevering through the ages

History repeats itself

And it all happens again

Children go hungry

Men and women fight against each other

Equality is thrown away

And the old and wise

Ignore the voices of the young

Wars are once again fought

And consequences affect both sides

Loved ones are lost

And all cry

Regret spreads like an epidemic

And people ask for change

But everything just repeats

And is back to fighting again

This world keeps turning

And the people can’t get over being greedy

Time continues on

And corruption fills the hearts of many

The years fly by

And time and time again

The same thing repeats

Until the majority feels nothing but hate

And the needy are left in the ashes of time


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