be at peace

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I once was told I was never to succeed, Because of my skin color and the way that I breathe. Although I am not privileged, Nor do I have eyes deep as ocean blues, I am human and I refuse to lose.
My beloved  I yearn for her everyday  Wanting to feel her  Only I know I can't because she's nowhere to be found  I search for her frantically, seeking for her presence 
The feeling of warmth comfort solidarity The first feeling of an infant with it's new mother Every person's
On an island of quiet, with thoughts kept at bay More dangerous than the rocks and the cold, the wind and the rain. What can make it better?  What can pass the time?
As I am looking into the distance, With the abundance of time, I can't help but think of the impact  My memories have had on my mind.   As am I watching, I wish that some of those moments,
Make love, not war “War” is just another word, It kills, harms, and hurts Risking lives, hurts worse.
It can never be tamed But it is always consistent Not all are the same But there are none that are different   It is a smell, sound, or sight
Bury me where the water is clear where there is no hate or talk of despair I want to know what that kind of life is like for a soldier who stood fighting an unknown right.
Shining, Shimmering As far as the eye can see Walls as high as the sky Topped with silky white foam The calming sloshing sounds of the ocean The aroma of the sea Salt water adn Sea weed
It seems my time has come. Never have I seen the moonlight with such eyes. The rays of pure white light strike me with eye opening edge. Magnificent. I watch the breeze play with the leaves.
This is not me. This is my pain. It makes me mad. It brings me down. My pain body forces me to act in ways that I normally don't. I am reckless and rebellious. My mind so fogged up by my pain it can't think but only react.
Be at peace from the angel above Be at peace with your mother &father   Be at peace with your friends Be at peace my brothers and sisters Be at peace with God Be at peace with yourself
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