Passing Perfection for Peace

Shining, Shimmering

As far as the eye can see

Walls as high as the sky

Topped with silky white foam

The calming sloshing sounds of the ocean

The aroma of the sea

Salt water adn Sea weed

The sweet, sweet aroma

Slowing the heart beat

Calming the nerves

Shapes the size of toy boats

Bobble along the surface


At least peacful on the surface

More lays beneith the surface

As such is the way of life

All seems well

We put on a face

A mask

We hide our hardshipand trouble

We hide our feelings tollok strong

The desire to have a perfect looking life

Is a desire that has a high price

It ruins our hearts

Inside we are screaming


Needing help

Our pride stops us

 Our fear of rejection

Fear of being socially out cast 

Stops us

A dream of perfection

Perfection ruins us

Perfection is our natural enimy

Why strive for perfection?

Why want something that destroys you?

Why not go for slightly flawed?

Why not just be yourself?

Perfection is not your friend

Accept who you are

Only then will life tryely be good

Then you will be peaceful inside and out

Pass perfecion for peace

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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