In Pursuit of Peace

My beloved 

I yearn for her everyday 

Wanting to feel her 

Only I know I can't because she's nowhere to be found 

I search for her frantically, seeking for her presence 

My pulse becomes hysterical to the feeling of emptiness and worry, the same a mother's heart beats through her chest when her child is nowhere to be found. Only difference is, that mother finds her child

But me, I cannot find her

the heart ache still abides creating a deeper and darker abyss in my soul from her absence 

I need her 

I want her 

Where is she 

Without her how will I be complete

She is like my drug, no

She is my drug

A drug that allows me to endure a cloud nine high, without any physical intake

I become intoxicated by her presence 

The altitudes I reach when I'm filled with her are endless 

The feeling of comfort, serenity, and safety wrap me up and hold me tight like a warm blanket in the winter time 

Her sweet delicacy takes me higher than any ounce of cannabis or dose of heroine 

She goes by the name of peace 

Peace is who I'm searching for and I know that once I find her 

I'll never lose her again 

Because she is my beloved 

My beloved 


This poem is about: 
Our world


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