In That Desperate Hour

It seems my time has come.

Never have I seen the moonlight with such eyes.

The rays of pure white light strike me with eye opening edge.


I watch the breeze play with the leaves.

They fight back and fourth like children.

One leaf falls from the grand, old oak outside my porch.

It falls gracefully onto the ground.

I hear cars zoom past.

I think to myself a thought I have never considered.

Never wondered.

Where is it going?

It wasn't so long ago I took a great fancy against people who served below me.

Not in their nature, but in their all abiding loyalty.

But I have never wondered as to what they do when the doors are closed.

Where do they go?

Do they tell tales of the day to those who love them?

What troulbes exist in the mind of simple people?

I don't think I can understand this now.

Why is it now that I think this way.?

Is that great sleep enemy of us all.

Does it take away all of our pride, and arrogance to make us all alike.

In death we all share the same fate.

The same story.

Regardless of the life you live today.

So what point would it be to live to a high standard of society.

If only to die and be molded by time back into the earth.

Are we not human.

But in the end we become an empty sack.

A troublesome load for the living.

A dark memory for the past thinkers.

The wine in my hand taste bitter now.

The red color means nothing to me.

What does a man have when all things come to an end.

His self?

He is the only one who can go to the places who is about to go.

The one shall experience death.

My room is filled with trinkets.

Once sought to be a great value in my life.

Nothing. All of it.

Why is it that I cannot find comfort in my demise?

We all must end.

The one guarantee in this life of ours.


Maybe it begins with the end.

Seeing what one does not see.

The moon holds many secrets.

Why not mine.

Like an old friend.

My family sleeps alone in room far from my own.

A place where the sleep in ones arms.

peacefully at rest.

They shall live to see great things.

To do great things.

And we shall meet once again.

I just hope they don't rush the precious gift of life.

LIke father the fool.

There is a loud knock at my door.

I am ready.

Farewell, my good friend.




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