Island Elixir

On an island of quiet, with thoughts kept at bay

More dangerous than the rocks and the cold, the wind and the rain.

What can make it better?  What can pass the time?

In isolation I’m afraid, feeling naked and alone

Thoughts begin to roar and screech between my ears

Like yellow-eyed creatures I never thought could be my own

What’s the aim?     To get back home.  

But why go back?      If I don’t feel alone?  


I bring a potion that makes me Bold,

Though there's no one there to see it in my face.  

It wouldn't be sad, it wouldn't be desperate, but

A true declaration of my own independence.  

I no longer care about the approval, the status.  

I would go alone, with nothing in my hands

But the promise that I could ward off any

Attack, from within or without.   


Even a little girl, filling her first journal knows;

“I’d rather be happy and poor than rich and sad.”  

She’d rather be happy and poor, than rich and sad,

She would rather fight her own war than wave a fool’s flag.  

I go to this island, this place of make believe,

Bring only myself, that’s all I would need.  

For inside my own soul is the greatest survival kit, the most potent elixir.

Inside my Self there is bravery and strength.

On this island of quiet, with thoughts unbroken, unchained,

I’d like to think that I could remain.  




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