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When plans go awry, we feel lost All we can think about is the cost
It reassures me Yet it used to Annoy me so much Thinking about My choices being made Without me as a thought But for some reason It now becomes a medicine I plead for it
I’ve already devoted myself and my life to a cause that still may fall through but there would be no purpose to anything I do if I didn’t try.  
You say you're here for me You say I can count on you You say... a lot of things. "You just aren't like that" "You should lower your expactations" "Reality check..."
A kid who just wants to be heard Someone who wants success Others look at him and say oh my he's blessed They don't know the pain, the problems Of always wanting to be the best His parents are proud of him
Every day is a gift,  all the days just flow so swift try to live positive & for others try to uplift... <3 You are here for a reason bigger than you I know some time you wonder what am I here to do? Is it some thing huge &  grand, here...
Like a drug store cassette I was blank, mummified
I live in a world where when challenged,you run, my dreams have been challenged and the mockery has begun,
I wish you called me baby like her. But as soon as your lips curved, The barely audible sound waves pierced the air, I wish you hadn’t. It’s just not the same and every time you do
When asked what I want to be 20 years from now
For all you who thin
I'm doing better She says she hears it In the sound of my voice And I wonder if she hears You in there too   The worst thing you can say
Hope for the future, Dreams of possibilities, Planning to achieve.
(poems go here)As the days grow shorter, the sky becomes longer
Do you think about the someday things? The details, technicalities, buttons up the back. The names of your kids, if you’ll have kids, Or an iguana, or an alcohol problem?
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