I live in a world


I live in a world where when challenged,you run,

my dreams have been challenged and the mockery has begun,

You're going to  " a church school" ; well that's just boring

Religion and Spanish? That should have you snoring.

Big dreams full of adventure and originality,

Eight years of school,well that's quite a journey.

Helping people, a passion of mine,

The perfect way to spend a life time.

I may not ever have the answers and reasons,

But the words I share may it hopefully lighten,

Pain, depair, lost, whatever you may feel,

Hopefully in what I shared, the words of God will be revealed.

Countless hours with no sleep,

In hopes to diminish the fears that creep.

Sharing the word of God in a mighty way,

Giving faith to service men and women without delay.

A seventeen year old with a life plan,it may stun,

Im here,answering the call, not ready to run.

No one understands its a calling you see,

A Naval Chaplain, that's what I'll aspire to be!






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