new love

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As I struggle to contain my emotions; My heart is speaking to you And I've come to realize how much I care for you.   I know we shared a lot Except for our deepest feelings
honey-brown skin   glistens like liquid gold   and pours into my open mouth.   i drink up as if i've been parched for years.   but this flavor could never compare  
pink cheeks   rosy like blooms that burst when you compliment me.   you say my name   and everything else falls like petals, sinking   down   down   down.
your golden-brown skin is warm and inviting.   on the outside i stay cool and collected --   freezing my feelings so i'll never crack.   but on the inside,  
i seem to fall in and out of love at a slightly disturbing speed.   my lovers are like puzzle pieces.   i'm always trying to find my perfect fit --  
As the wind blows and the sun cuts my eyes My vision begins to fail me. Maybe I take things too serious. Now I fail at love again.   It all comes back to me.   You really cared.
I sit and watch your lips Listening to your eyes What you've done to me Has got me by surprise Beside myself Alive with you Full of Hope And easy to cope A new start, new life
Speak     I don't.       Fall     I did.     For him,     Wonder if     it's safe to say    
I wake this morning to my surprise  someone is there the World in his eyes Am I dreaming? Thoughts rationalize I fell asleep here Brain replies Who is this one
Love lost No where to turn Beginning to question What a life costs Life without love Isn't a life worth living So I jumped Body flew like a dove
We sit together, holding worn and too real pages that smell of Egypt: cool and crisp against our fingertips.   We hum our individual orchestras left in the back of our minds when all we can think of is
The first time i ever saw you i was lost for words, but not for the reasons you may think. You see i was lost for words because you sat right next to me and barely acknowledged my existence.
When I think about you the world makes sense.
The roads I traveledSo long and windingAnd painfulHave worn my pure heart out
The pestilent air around me breathed.
I hate not knowing how you feel when you see me Is it love that makes your lips turn up Or pure curiosity? I hate not knowing what my words mean to you Are they like daggers with a poison tip
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