A Foot Rub in the Morning

I wake this morning

to my surprise 

someone is there

the World in his eyes

Am I dreaming?

Thoughts rationalize

I fell asleep here

Brain replies

Who is this one

my feet which he rubs

Do I deserve this?

What is a love?

He tells me he loves me

I've just said it back

How can this be true?

What is my lack?

This story created in my head

that tells me no love is as great as the dead?

In disbelief

I close my eyes

begin to reflect 

a past love that has died. 

Why won't you let go?

A tug at my chest.

A young woman approaches;

Twenty years no less.

"I loved him so hard! I did everything right!

I went out of my way and of course we would fight.

That love was real!

I sacraficed! I gave him my soul. I swore him my life!

There's no other love. No other way. That was true love.

I won't give it away."

I wake from deep travels

much more than a dream.

The young woman inside

still kicks and still screams.

How do I console her?

It's been so long.

I've made my decisions

I've realized his wrongs.

Remember your choices,

A whispered voice says.

Remember your heart, it whispers again.

The desicions you made were right in the end.

It felt like real love, it felt so true.

His love wasn't pure, what he did to you.


For I cannot say that it wasn't true.

But if you hold on....your eyes will not view.

I look up

there he is

a new love to me

scary as it is.

It may feel different

but in everyway

it feels free

and it feels safe.

I'm not in a cage

He gives me wings

He builds me bridges

So new to me.

A love that is given

A garden that blooms

A love that's recieved

These feelings are new

For Once I Can Breathe

A Love that is True. 





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