Love Lockdown

Love lost
No where to turn
Beginning to question
What a life costs

Life without love
Isn't a life worth living
So I jumped
Body flew like a dove

The hardest part wasn't the fall
It was the recover
Forgiving is the hardest
Even when she wouldn't call

Phone rang
Miss call
Straight to voice mail
And so I sang

To take me back
I was a broken man
A man
Who had let all the pain stack

What's a handle to a man
Without a will to live
What's a blackout
To someone who didn't give a damn

The alcohol showed him
That pain was the only emotion
But a new girl came
When the pain began to dim

She was better than the last
She loved like no one else
He wanted to try again
But he kept remembering the past

He pushed her away
Afraid to hurt again
But he knew
That there was another way

He had to move on
He had to forget the past
He had to forgive
He had to move on

He gave it a try
He called her
But when she answered
There was a cry

He was too late
She moved on
So he risked it all
And asked her on a date

It took time
But she said yes
Thursday she said
8:30 on the dime

Time flew fast
That was four months ago
We moved on
But our love last

My year was long
One love died
A new one began
Like a romantic love song

I can finally say
That I forgive her
Crazy enough
I want to be her friend one day

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