As the wind blows and the sun cuts my eyes

My vision begins to fail me.

Maybe I take things too serious.

Now I fail at love again.


It all comes back to me.


You really cared.

We sat up late each night bantering.

Sometimes we make love

Profill a fantasy. 

Insecurities played the beat.

Thinking you did'nt love me anymore.

Not at all.

Now you just can't stand me.


We're so far apart.

Busy looking for a new heart.

Wishing we could mend our scars.

Standing tall.

Fighting these tears don't let them see you cry.


It was me who wasn't ready.

It was me who came with a heart that was heavy.

It was me who took advantage when you'd let me.


It was me who led you to a new start.

It was me who made get with the girl at the park.

I'm so sorry we won't be able to love again.


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