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My name's not Springsteen, But I sure feel like a Boss Haters attempting to rag on me Gonna feel a little lot of lost cause    Time's chipping away at this face, Turning this ice into a sculpture
Dear Society,   I dare to be different. To be Brave and Confident. When I walk into a room full of people,
Black shoes click into the sterile office. The sound bounces off the walls and scatters around the room like rubber balls. I hear her before I see her. She sounds dark, official.
About to clock into work. These shoes are digging into my feet. They are black, with elastic straps to tighten them. I walk to the punch clock. I reach out to touch the keys.
The boss at Christmas is named John He runs a church festival on the church lawn His staff doesn't know the difference What? They couldn't refference? Between a platter and a plate
    I have an innovative mind One with many characters and personalities My friends are imaginary, a figment of my dreams They come alive as I write on the pages inside a blank notebook of my alter worlds.
And I stare As you stand there But you don't see What I can be.   We are here But I do fear You will never know What I want to show.   My feelings for you
The white sandy beaches crash against the waves as if battling for the territory of land. The birds fly through the air sending signals of impending danger to their nearby relatives.
Hurrying in to work, late again. The cold still nipping at my nose, The heat of rushing burning in my legs. I try to calm my heartbeat But it’s useless when I see you.   Warmth fills my stomach
I envision something great I envision a lady in charge. She will strive to achieve her goals no matter what obstacles are in her way,
This is what I want to say: Thank you. But I have struggled Trying to find the words To make you understand With absolute clarity What you have done for me.   Two months ago,
You pay women to dance, while your love is at home. Two Viking babies asking when daddy is coming home. How familiar is my name, For daddy’s the one to blame... Your ice cold look is really just a new flame.
Look at all these presidents, They're all the same kind of gentlemen. Wearing their suits and ties. I wonder where are their wives. Sitting at home? Perhaps, I don't know Because they can't tag along.
Equal people, same in hand and face, but outcast quickly when not the chosen race. Die for beliefs that should self explain, that treatment you beg for, hope to gain. Scream and battle with tooth and fist,
Mix, Match Switch, Swap The mysteries don’t ever stop Flip, Flop Criss, Cross You’ll solve ‘em, now won’t ya boss? Toss, Catch Fail, Win Your ego is a savored sin
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