The Boss at Christmas/ Church Festival

Thu, 11/20/2014 - 01:51 -- frpass


The boss at Christmas is named John
He runs a church festival on the church lawn
His staff doesn't know the difference
What? They couldn't refference?
Between a platter and a plate
And I don't know what the hell I ate?
One shish-ka-bob and rice
Ain't that nice
The humus was so gross
From your head to your toes
Taboule is suppose to be some kind of salad
Won't someone make this into a ballad?
They had a band and a DJ
And that's okay
They had belly dancing
And people prancing
Prices were outrageous
That maybe contagious
But that still proves John is cheap
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The Boss at Christmas made it into American Poetry Anthology and had 53 hits on Fan Story 2 ribbons Recognized and All Time Best and a Welcome page overnight May 27th 2014 and it begged for a sequel and here it is!
He now runs a Church Festival!
He's still CHEAP after all these years!

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