Civil Fights

Equal people, same in hand and face,
but outcast quickly when not the chosen race.
Die for beliefs that should self explain,
that treatment you beg for, hope to gain.
Scream and battle with tooth and fist,
but the movement cannot support itself, broken wrist.
Lets however, take another angle,
remove harsh emotions, fix our tangle,
between what we want and how to attain,
stop the violence, no more red stain.
We learned from Martin to attend the table of brotherhood,
and from Rosa, for sitting she stood.
From Jackson we know no league is above infiltration,
and from Little Rock 9 we saw minds avoid insult penetration.
No one moment in time stands alone from the rest,
together they showed us human kind has no best.
This movement lasted, and inspired many others,
in far away places to soon become brothers.
Equal treatment for all, not just the light,
soon women did realize it was their turn to fight.
But learned a great lesson, violence not key,
sometimes silence is loud, and reason shows plea.
This moment in history passed to us a teaching,
in every classroom the education is preaching,
kill them with kindness, it’s the best you can do,
hatred and anger provides benefits few.
Look to these moments and you still see the glow,
from the people who decided none are below.
This theory passed on through countries and groups,
that one day we can stand on another man’s stoop.
Not looking past the opposite skin,
but rather being blind to it, seeing within.

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This poem is pretty moving I suppose and I hope everyone enjoys!

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