Lady In Charge

I envision something great

I envision a lady in charge.

She will strive to achieve her goals no matter what obstacles are in her way,

She dreams of nothing but success,

She has always been told she was business savvy:

A thinker who comes up with great ideas, innovative, persistent, and determined;

She motivates and assist others, yet maintains control of the work place.

She emphasizes the need to have confidence in oneself, 

She demonstrates the power of women, and depicts that they too can be a Boss.

She demands respect and gets it. She proves that she is a hard worker,

She strives for nothing but success

She maybe told that she cannot do it,

She isn't good enough and that she will mount to nothing.

TBut with the support of family and friends,

Her dream can become a reality and transcend.

She is dedicated and creative

Her dream job is to be a Business Woman 

I envison something great!

I envision a lady in charge.


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