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As the lingering leaves begin to brown, As the whistling wind grows colder, Autumn approaches clad in a gown With Summer's sweet breath Upon her barren shoulder.   As the dawn fades down to dusk,
Digging. Digging for a way out.  Fear and regret turns to dirt, and it's all over my hands.  Wait, is that light? Off in the distance? Oh, no, it's just another insecurity.
Day one Ordinary routine sweeps evenly through all jungle’s of concrete  It’s comfort  fulfilled when snuggled  into its tedious mold the outdoors were in sound normalcy
You get in my face, And all up in my space, To say you cannot breathe. But 6 feet underneath, Are those who succumbed 
The river runs fast Like your growing love for me But it dies faster 
"Growin' like a Baoba tree" and I look down at my feet That walked the African soil as a child Running around carefree "Motherland drip on me" and the memories roll in  of the Congolese sun shinning
I can’t breathe.  It’s choking me -- suffocating me.  But I just let it.  All the air sucked from my lungs.  But I endure. 
I thought my lips had broken and my hands had burst to flames. When I think of you, you're the one to blame. You messed with my mind  you wasted all of my time. You think you broke my heart?
I want to go to Target but the Mayors on the TV says he won't let me out so I sit at home and pout The Amazon guy visits my house like two times a day I got nothing else to do so I just order stuff and pay
She wandered to the marketin a flowery dress and bowthe man she thought was dead appearedwith a fine new girl in tow.A little down and lifeless nowinstead she sought to findsome sympathy in fictiona writer with her mind. 
We start at 12 A.M and end at 4 A.M,
What comes from the darkness, But an opportunity for light. Faced with the world's starkness, There's only left to fight. For problems breed solutions, And corruption breeds reform,
I have a three year old sister, and she is my ultimate motivation in this crazy world. Knowing that I am one of her role models, she inpires me to push myself for the best grades.
back to before, amongst the people stranger looks that do not connect après amour   i've been here once and twice returning   after before, i've been there before
Trapped.  He is free to roam, He is free to go. I’m a prisoner to my own home. Sentenced by our embryo.
The tapping sound of tiny feet Was enough to stir me My passion for life had dulled  Until the moment she walked  
I'll never know, not until I reach Heaven. I will take these words from God and keep them in a pocket next to my heart, calling them my saving grace: Do not be afraid.
My red hands, bitten by the wind Grip on to my blue Mongoose blue It's a little too big for me, but I love it anyway The royal blue shines against the sidewalk   I begin my descent
1995, the war has ended, a family with a three year old little girl A family that looks as it has seen dark nights and even darker days A family that had survived a genocide in the 19th century
It is because of him, and her now them, and the one I've known since five.   Her curls have told me secrets, his glasses told me truths, their hands have kept me steady.  
A drop of rain on a windowsill, Moonlight shining in the street.  The taste of laughter on a good friend's lips, waves that pound upon a beach. The smell of home in a small book shop,
In your eyes I see pure and youthful joy In your voice I hear the rawest emotions Even when we're hundreds of miles apart, the mere though of you gives me strength It's because of you that I know where I want to go in life
Birthed from Life to Death, We struggle to find Purpose, Yet it is too late.  
Let us travel to the fig tree. Inspect its fruits. Look past its leaves, for they try to conceal the stellar treasures. Squeeze each fruit to find the one that gives most. That fruit yields the utmost stimulating taste.
Gloomy skies crawling on miniscule lives, Unwelcome guest brings back harsh guilts again. Loops of vast bright light that it now deprives,  Shadows drag on across lifeless madmen.
Tunes, however hard they try,Will always be inspiring.Never forget the comfy and assuasive tunes. Why would you think the euphony is unhappy?The euphony is the euphoric sound of all.Now distressed is just the thing,To get me wondering if the eupho
I met a stranger n the dark We talked and talked, till sunrise come. Together, we had a love spark Glisten in his eyes made me numb. Everything is alright with you, Then I know this can be true.  
Thor and friends are jocks. Loki is genderfluid. Balder spoiled rotten.
Mortals (to Hestia) The sting  of the cold helps me remember  why I hold why I hold to the pain
O' how dark, darkness is With its faded color and its emptiness. The dark of the night sits heavy upon mankind. Forsaken by their gods, they fear the tender night.  
Science fair  Icarus' last chance to pass Using household items to fly across a river? Easy peasy, although he's the dumbest in class He straps himself in  Says one last prayer
What makes man if not for his mind? What drives a man but his heart? Why must he be driven to reach for the sky? Nations and empires cut down Tsars and kings Shahs and emperors engineers and poets all
Rumple was a reasonable man,  yet his efforts weren't always greeted with an agreeable hand,  so in his business he decided to take what he thought was the proper stake. Yet he was lonely in his glass high rise,
 Do you remember that tree that never grew leaves? 
Hopeless dreams filed a dreary headEvery morning greeted dreadleaving one meek and lowlydarkness growing ever slowlypeace and peril seem to sail closer everyday a sorry suckis hardly a husk of a lesser state all the while still persistent hoping f
From a little my days as a little boy, Filled with folly and lots of toys, My mental health was constant.   Slowly things began to change, My body, height, and vocal range,
Standing alone, In a universe full of clones, It was not until I joined gymnastics, That I took a leap entirely on my own.   Standing alone I learned grace, Not how to chase,
Life has become dry Like cacti in the desert, I await my bloom.
Love yourself they say, If you don't love yourself then no one will But if no one loves you who is there to take the pain away for the rainy days
Sand at my feet, pocket full of brocken shells, each wave a rythm to a different beat; This is what life could be. The sand the wave the sea. How far is my reach, from here on the beach?
Right out of the Gate I was climbin' Fences Takin' stances and chances and makin' advances Fell off the fence, now I'm back on my feet I'm ready to get climbin' again  
we were kids, kids in love no cares in the world, it was just us.  Us against the world you would say but I had to grow up. Still my thoughts of you come late at night.
we were kids, kids in love no cares in the world, it was just us.  Us against the world you would say but I had to grow up. Still my thoughts of you come late at night.
The words I say aren't of a victim, They're words that need to be shared. The tears I shed aren't of fear, They're tears that wisdom made clear. Make no mistake my intention are true,
I’ve wanted to be friends with Bella for so long She’s blonde and her sense of humor is very strong We’ve never been very close But for many years that’s what I’ve wanted the most
Mother’s Day Flowers: An open letter from your mother:   An embryo encased within the sheath of a seed, I have loved you since before you were born.
I sit with a book, Filled with familiar pages, In my hands as I look Back through the years.   I was quieter when I first held it, one of many, I knew more books than people then,
i know it will be a beautiful Day 
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