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Tears represent how much damage my heart has experienced, Tongue tells the stories that I’m trying to convey to you, Shutting down symbolizes me giving up on you, So if you want to know me,
About my hair Is that all you care about?   I'm sorry I don't sympathize at all   I can't  
Hope has died and change never cameBecause we sat here and allowed our voices to be tamedKeeping our mouths closed is like blood stained on our handsBecause we watched the injustice unravel upon our friends
At the verge of losing control, a dagger, enters my chest, sent from his eyes, filled with indifference, one tear, no feelings, poison gushing from his lips—   Breathe.  
Accept me or reject me What do you want society? All you ever want is your perfection
I was shy. Never spoke out of turn never took a step more than I could always seeking acceptance. I kept my opinions to myself, all my ideals, my opinions, my beliefs they were mine and mine alone.
My friend waves a phone in my face and huffs. It's a brand new girl everyday. My friend points and judges this girl with anger. She finds flaws in each and every way.  
Unobtainable, They said. Denied, It read. Hopeless, You cried, Tears in your eyes As that dream.
Somebody help him somebody somebody. Somebody help him anybody          Three rules while being a black man.    1. Keep your hands out of your pockets  2. Don’t be black
This art piece is dedicated to music and how it has allowed me to have a bigger impact on others than I ever dreamed possible. Before I held a violin in my hands, no one truly listened.
I never knew that a voice could be shut up, before it made a sound.  That a thought could be destroyed, and in broken pieces torn.   A question can be left lingering, when the spirit’s gagged and bound. 
Love is love, regardless of gender, and that I believe is something all should remember Hate is hate, regardless of race, nobody is superior or should be judged by their face
Well if you want  honesty then you better brace yourself Because I’m going to be real here Depression is a real thing And it’s time we have a talk about the fact that
If my heart were a room With four walls and four doors The doors would be locked And the keys be no more. For I trust to not one This benign heart of mine All broken and torn
Growing up I see a lot of people like me, inspirational right  You'd think we'd learn from our history instead of killing eachother off in the streets
I don’t wanna be known as the girl for a one night stand, and my emotions have shown that was never my plan.   I can not believe
My name is Aliya and I am black excellence. That's how we take attendancein the Black Student Union.On Wednesdays,the fifth-floor cafeteria lights up with the bright smiles of black bodiesCongregated together as if packing into pews at church,Agre
Empower Noun To give authority or power to To enable From the honey melon of my skin To the natural curl of my hair I am black unapologetically and I wear my proudness bare
The smell of burning wood floats in the air It's a nice smell A smell that I grow to miss My moccassins settle on the floor Where those who came before me have settled My regalia acts a hug
The smell of burning wood floats in the air It's a nice smell A smell that I grow to miss My moccassins settle on the floor Where those who came before me have settled My regalia acts a hug
I'm afraid of white women. I'm afraid of your accusations. Afraid because I fit every description for who your rapist, robber, or murder could possibly be.
  My hands use to tremble when you neared A frightened animal backed into a corner A corner that starts to trace the outline of my shadow
Whispers sit wistfully in the shadow, The silence as sublime as the outflow, Of darkness and danger from not long ago, Every voice vocalizes with no audio,
I simply wanted the scissors he held Not prepared for the question he asked Nor the way he stared “Like, do you even want to be black?”
Everyone is put above me, and no one is ever below me. I am the bottom of the pyramid. Always relied upon for support, but only given attention so that others don't fall. Little did they know that the strongest people are always on the bottom of t
Do you hear that? The sound of drops falling from the sky The mess of mud tracks left on the house The squeaks of a hungry mouse Left in the walls where wires are exposed
What is love, is love sweet or bitter love ? What is the meaning, if it may be defined Should it, love, be put below or above Us, which hold on and all who often hug tight 
Everyone sees what you presentAnd most don’t care to see deeper -To see the depression and the anxiety
I am tired. I am a high school student AP classes College classes College Applications Scholarships Deadlines
The sound of horses footsteps with raging men wiping them before they strike their