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Tue, 11/06/2018 - 23:27 -- abbycc3

Whispers sit wistfully in the shadow,

The silence as sublime as the outflow,

Of darkness and danger from not long ago,

Every voice vocalizes with no audio,

As the animals stalk to and fro.


Pretty and perfect sit porcelain dolls,

Even as encased a maggot crawls,

Hindering does not the highest walls,

Quiet ends quenching speech as it falls.


Cracks through individual beams illuminate,

Tracks of the omnipotent are outdated,

Backs molded not mocked with upturned noses,

Drawbacks of critics come to view.


Inner light ends the languishing,

Beginner of revolution is realized,

Thinner is orders than the opposition,

Winner is undecided or unknown,

Within her brightness bursts speech.

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