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Life is strange and windingA faded forest trail.Constantly remindingThe path is all that's clear-It's narrow atmosphere... I cannot leave the way.I'd surely loose my way.
In life, we can face so many choices   I call out for help- friends, strangers pipe up Do this, do that cry so many voices. Drowning, I do not know which way is up.  
"The only thing we have to fear is fear itself", so famously proposed by President Roosevelt. This quote at face value appears quite clever, although, I simply must say, however,
Fear is what drives insanity  Lurking in the shadows,  Waiting for it's prey to  walk pass.  It haunts you dreams,  Yet, motivates your nightmares It forces you to hide,  To live in secret.
I can’t step away from my circle, For fear that I can lose myself again. Round and perfect, the only thing that can comfort me.  
The fullness of life   A full life is excitement. Waking up filled with joy for the day Meditation. Sunrise. The smell of coffee. Words.
  No, I won't let you break me down Even if you tried with your all your might You can try, you can try  But I will learn to fight Hit me with all your might But I won't break, I will find the light
Why? Because one little tablet, something so small, it could fall down the drain... -clink- through your fingers, puposefully or not,  changing not one, but soo many, lives.
When life gives me lemons, I squeeze them ‘til they’re dry.  I do it fast because they die. I have a bucket of decay, And I pretend it’s okay,  That lemons always die, And I squeeze them ‘til they’re dry 
From one of thirty six, to forty six thousand six hundred fifty six. Snake eyes in three, nearly impossible to see.   Not all is controlled by some self, Life is full of numbers,
Dreams die at an early age When you would rather support a celebrity, a stranger, other than your own children. When you can't make it to a parent teachers conference, To hear your child's accomplishments.
    I’m flowing, pulsing, dripping with life, perhaps the main reason is the absence of strife. I’m singing, and laughing and  talking aloud, now that I’m finally out from under the shroud.
Oh fear, Oh fear, how I praise you. You were there when I've made mistakes. Pushed me to keep going when I have thought of giving up.
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