Dreams Die At An Early Age

Dreams die at an early age
When you would rather support a celebrity, a stranger, other than your own children.
When you can't make it to a parent teachers conference,
To hear your child's accomplishments.
Or to see your child act at a school play,
But you can make it to a concert that's miles away.
Dreams die at an early age
When your daughter wants to take dance classes but you tell her you can't afford it,
Yet you get a new MK bag or the latest pair of Jordans,
When your son wants you to hear a new song he has written but you don't have time for his silly recordings.
Dreams die at an early age when she gets bullied by the kids at school,
Because she's different and her siblings laugh at her too.
Worse of all she gets laughed at by you.
Sadly enough she starts to change,
Oh what a difference she could've made.
Dreams die at an early age
When he wants to go to college to further his education but you tell him it's a waste,
The family business is calling his name so he decides to stay.
Let it all go and take your place.
Dreams die at an early age
When she wants to be like the women on TV dancing on ice,
She had no doubts about it until you made her think twice.
"That's silly, you want to be out here doing figure eights.
How many black people do you know ice skates?"
Dreams die at an early age
When he has a passion for fashion,
Mixing and matching fabrics.
Pleased with the items he creates,
He decides to presentate,
You look him straight in the face and tell him "that's gay."
Ashamed of your remarks he throws it all away,
He drops the fabric and picks up a suitcase.
Dreams die at an early age
When a child has no encouragement, they lose sight of first place,
If there's no one rooting for you what's the point of winning the race?
And as they get older that thought process is hard to change,
No one's thoughts are more important than of the ones who they were raised.
Therefore dreams die at an early age.

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