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                                                      I want to be known by one name Like Dessalines, Christophe and Pétion Like Pelé, Ali or a Great Champion
Let me say good night to the guests, family, and friends. . Winsome, this is how I truly feel about you. Your name signifies the kind of person that you are. .
I wish to go to the valley of white stones overturn a few with the tip of my shoe browse the sandy shores bordered by sandy sea Endless light bent over expansive quiet This land of sand and stone, of silent reverie
It doesn’t matter what I name this poem Or perhaps it won’t deserve a name We never name the things we plan to kill you see Since names make it that much harder to watch it die  
Was it given to me at birth The perspective of my parent Their collective history Or the passing of time   What do the trees call me When I pass by their brothers Run my hands through the leaves
My name is Pittinix and I’m proud of it. I have the most unusual name. The meaning of my name is unorthodox.   Pittinix is really not a popular name. My name originated with me.
The most beautiful lady refused my love. I saw her looking at me provocatively. My heart leapt when I beheld such beauty. She showed signs of affection for me. And I anxiously want to speak to her.
For Shelly . Permit me to interpret the significance of your name. . S-H-E-L-L-Y . S is for suspense. It describes my condition while I awaited your reply. .
For Zada . I don’t know if you have a perfect smile. We’ve never met so I really don’t know you. It’s very unusual to want your embrace, But I truly wish I could caress you tonight. .
I wish there was a collection of words I could say to you. A phrase to stop the clock from ticking in the dark. To bring back the lights if just for a moment. Cast away the darkness so that I may see your face, one more time.
At midnight think of tossing and turning in bed. Think of the sounds of silence  as you drift into slumber.   If you have this name,
My favorite color is the fiery center of a stove once it ignites, bringing a sense of familiarity of my grandma's cooking. The sound of the heat touching the bottom of the pan, slowly boiling the ingredients together.
My name is Reda It means contentment in Arabic My mother gave me my name in reverence, finding meaning in a word that she could love her entire life
Friday night Alone in my room Home and away From everything and everyone. I get a text Late at night It’s from a good friend
When we part for the day, I sit and I say, "I love you, I love you, I love you." I hide from your face, I whisper your name, And I love you, I love you, I love you. 
I could never love  Love someone who has the same name as you  Your name  Carries  Such negative connotations   I could never love your name again
The barren graves deep below Within the Earth naught does show To lay unseen but for a stone Bearing a name, long untold That tells of a life with buried meaning Of a person, in a grave leaning
From whatever distant island you're viewing me from today: I have conquests on nations.   But you can't see that through a lens, or a message, or That letter I never replied to   
  I lost my life to a familiar face, He went by the name, Past. He shot me down with bitter memories. He poisoned me with lies.
Hello, My name is broken A heap of letters left on a tattered floor Shards of my identity, opaque from the settling dust   Hello,
I know my names, I know each and every one. I wear them each without shame, I clothe myself in the light of their sun.   I am stressed,
I know my names, I know each and every one. I wear them each without shame, I clothe myself in the light of their sun.   I am stressed,
I love to read words being a remedy for what other things couldn’t mend My first name; It just came to me, I never know what to say But, Whatever it is it’s part of me
I. Yoruba names are hopeful. They are prophecies, the mother, and the father, and the grandparents all divining as oracles.
In the bleak and quiet horror of a concentration camp morning, Viktor Frankl asked them why. Why not throw themselves against The comforting hum of electric fences or onto swords like Brutus.
Artistic and creative, she's always singing. Releasing her songs In her heart, to her mind, then to her lips, A girl lost in the music, Never will she be tamed. Away she goes now, to dance in the rain.
Anger calls out to you, and addresses you with full confidence Needing that aggression to feel accepted, feeling out of place otherwise.
The head of a watermelon The hands of an ape The mind of a homo sapien The heigth of a giraffe The wideness of a praying mantis The mouth of a fish The eyes of a flounder The hair of a whale
What is a name to a storm?The first identifies ind
I have a confession. There is a someone, A special someone, A someone who warms my smile,
Bitch, I am flawless but didn't wake up like this I was born this way
I was that girl, who weighed more than she should've. Who wore glasses and braces to make my appearance even more bitter. I was the girl who was always "just a friend", because my face was naked, curly hair on my head.
  When no one sees my beauty  I see perfect flaws The way my eyes or shaped  The way they shine with wisdom I see freckles that are uncommon 
Flawless;That's a word i would use to describe you and me;
I was given the name Colin They didn’t want me called Colon
Rai, that's my name To some its only a three letter word To others its a foreign name Traditionally it means lightning, or thunder, or even trust But it means something special to me
I have a name I smile as I write it down That means something
When i was born My mom wanted to name me Roxann, MY dad would not allow her to due to the once popular song by the police
  Howl be thy name             So old yet new             Forged in fire             Blood, sweat, tears             Come forth in black and white  
  To fine for my description, yet woody remarks captures a glimpse of my innocents they call an image.
This is the name you were born with,
We were separated by states.  No hair yet upon my chin, but without being aware,  I belonged to you. My heart had a path,  and knowing you not, we were still destined to be.   I, Robert.
Love thy name Why not love it? It is special Love thy name Was is it not sent from above? It matches the beautiful person Love thy name Could you be with you without it?
ele laan wo ca to so omo l'orruco that is we look within before we name our children...for they will bear our bones precious
Compassionate describes her heart A simple girl, just trying to do her part Such a small sacrifice she makes Simple: just no eggs in her cake I hear the excuses, they are never ending
My name. Since the day I was born, My destiny was owned by others. They gave me that name, Tied to their rotting family tree. I hated to hear it, For it only meant trouble.
I write to be Ambitious I write because I'm Notorious and When I'm feeling Glorious I write to Educate and To Lead with my Intelligence I write because I'm Caring I write to get through Anxiety
My name is Syed. It means leader in Arabic. I was named after the many respected Muslim leaders before me. Yesterday my name was reserved. Tomorrow my name will be outgoing. In my dream my name was optimism.
Everything has a face Just like my Brother’s old backpack Hanging in the closet with its snares and tares And every time I look At it seeing its entirety, places it’s gone, baggage it has carried
When we are born As children we are given lasting names, And as we learn We strive to prove ourselves by gaining fame. How should a name make one feel?
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