Lost to the Grave

The barren graves deep below

Within the Earth naught does show

To lay unseen but for a stone

Bearing a name, long untold

That tells of a life with buried meaning

Of a person, in a grave leaning

Who died alone for all to see

As I remember that it will be me


We will all return to dust

The ground from which we came

But our lives we leave behind

Keep only our name

It will never be spoken again

Not with us in mind

But I know that someday soon

Someone the truth will find


Life is not life and death is not death

But a time where our soul we are not with

As there can not be death if there is not life

And there can be no life if there is not death

Our days are filled with pain and strife

But our lives are meaningless

I shed a tear to the ground, the sky cries out, filled with sound

My heart at once does rebound for those deep below

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