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                                                         When in love, in deep love We know or at least are aware of Each other’s sunset and sunrise About the rain
I am not going to wait for you to get illOr to die to send you bouquets of flowersRight now is the time to make you feelThat you're loved amid the rain showers.
It is another spring It is a brand new season Another day of light rain falling Another semi-sunny day again
Remember the days when we felt free Back in the days when we were happy as can be Not a worry in the world where all our dreams came true When we believed at the end of the rainbow was a pot of gold
Mind joltedTemptedIn so many directionsPreparations of fulfillmentMake assorted connectionsDreams of layersAroused by the livesCharismatic viewsPassing lanes like the living
Rainbows in the sky,Sunlight shines through many clouds.I wish to share it.
An Ode to Rainbows By: Hannah Beasley Dear rainbows, Thank you.
Emerald and aqua, then scarlet hues A streak of pink or pastel blue Colors swirl together with beauty and grace  Pencils meet paper with the sweetest embrace Everyone warns "Stay inside the lines"
Your scent reminds me of blossoms Your smile is the light of my mood Possibly seeing myself in your eyes That swift touch like heavens bliss   Treasuring those senses For those smell, sight, and touch
We are groups of people made to hate because of who we love not what we stand for. Did no one listen to  your parents? You treat others how you want to be treated not
  I just want my life to be gumdrops and rainbows.
Talking is easy but I don’t speak Some of the most wonderful things grow from silence and solitude Loneliness is painful but I don’t weep
Dear sister,   Today, You are five years old.   Your world is full of... Butterflies (Your favorite), Rainbows (You love colors), Far too many sweets,
If there were no rainbows, we would not have people quoting    that thing that people say, when they don’t know how to help         you but want you to cheer up- “everybody wants to be happy, 
Yellow is associated with happinessBut I associate it with greedToo much money and not enough loveIs something no one needs
Look outside.  Close your eyes.  Listen to the rain.  Block out all the pain.  Hear the thunder.  It makes your heart wonder.  Open your eyes.  Ignore all the lies.  Watch the lightning 
The colors of the rainbow, hmmmmm! Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet; Let’s add White and Black. Why not even Gold and Silver?
The pregnant skies bore A shower of tears, Hoping the sun would soon Return to brighten her spirits.
No one else Can see what I see It's beautiful And it's terrifying These colors Dance to the rhythm Of your heartbeat Rainbows of emotion
No one else Can see what I see It's beautiful And it's terrifying These colors Dance to the rhythm Of your heartbeat Rainbows of emotion
Red for the battles and blood that was lostOrange for the sunsets spent counting the costYellow for sunrise and starting anewGreen for the grass that is stained red with dew
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