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Lurching from side to side, the winds of culture, education, and relationships washed my little mind to and fro.   My little mind, asail at sea,
From whence I was born my life was in motion, constantly flowing like waves in the ocean. Smaller at first without much commotion, then larger at last just like an an explosion.
My boat drifts away from the dock I sit and watch my dreams die.   How do I say, “it is okay, you have a plan.” You do have a plan, right?   The boat drifts to the horizon, my stomach drifts with it.
A boat. That is what I want, when left on an abandoned island, marooned in the middle of nowhere.   A boat  to set me afloat, away from that desert island,
I feel the sand between my toes
When I quit rowing I can really start living Joy will soon return   When I quit rowing My old soul will be restored Joy will soon prevail   When I quit rowing
I want you to trust me. I want the smiles, The laughter, And the love back… I don’t want these tears… I don’t want these fears… I want you To believe in us, To believe in me…
I wonder, If you ever think of me. Of all the nights We spent side by side, My head on your chest, Arms intertwined, As our hands engulfed  each other’s. I wonder
Our boat is sinking, and I hold tightly to it. I tell you it will be alright. I tell you it may stay afloat. Our boat is sinking, and I slide to the end.
The roaring of the seas, Clogs my ears for me. Fears pound around my head, Hidden now and then, By rising droplet armies,
From the Deep it rises I catch my breath for it surprises me when I see it a hundred feet below me It's scales shining in the water like a knight in shining amor. It gets closer as I reel.
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