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Haiku 2024 #1   A grey April day Waiting for the sun to shine So the earth will smile   Susan Maree Jeavons  
Keine Ratte steht tatsächlich über dem Gesetz Gerechtigkeit muss blind, fair, gleich und roh sein Für alle, in einer demokratischen Gesellschaft
I ain’t your April fool Not your plaything anymore Wrapped my heart with steel and wool Sent you stomping out my door   Cause I ain’t your April fool I’ve got thunder in my soul
Okay Whether Pagan or Not … ? April Fools’ Day Has A PERMANENT Slot … !!! The First of The Month Being …. “ That Date “ …. But When It Comes To … “ FOOLS “ … Nowadays I’m Saying … “ April Who “... ?!?
I looked out my window On a dark April evening And my heart lifted up.   One Yellow  Pansy Had bloomed,  
Three Convenience store employees thought what they did was funny but I think it was cruel.Those Three people said that I won a thirty million dollar lottery and then yelled "April Fool".
Dear April-man,   Do you know Why April is the cruelest month? I do. Because it is when you took me In your arms In your bed And I let you. I let you.
Buzzing bees and blooming trees have everyone aglow. Sunny, cloudless skies give rise to warmer days, I know. Singing birds, and pretty words about newly grassy greens, Petals abud and puddles of mud
The smell of the fresh April air Reminds me of this time, last year The day seemed fair But suddenly became my worst fear   I never meant what was said A week before this
“You can’t save everyone People are destined to perish
Allow Me to Explain  
Our two bodies pressed up together The warmth from his chest seizes my body His hands glides from my shoulder to my back and up again I am willfully intoxicated In love with his very touch
The things that I'd change would be minds and heartsWhen the clock strikes the miracle hourThe peace that's been lostAt innumerable costsWould return with unity once ours  
The skies darken And around me The pressure builds With a burst, I feel The first fat drops Of rain as they begin to Fall
Take me to the mountains so I don't drown in a wall, Break my heart open so you can see it all, I need a short while to see what’s over that hill, I won’t ever rest unless I can get my fill,
You don't where I come from You don't know what I've been through You don't know how many nights I Stayed up crying for you You just think this is a game But you're the one to realy blame
Running down a dirt street With my bare feet Holding on your hand As tight as I can And never letting go Running from my past And going to the future Running through time ain't a bad crime
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