April Showers

The skies darken
And around me
The pressure builds
With a burst, I feel
The first fat drops
Of rain as they begin to

The flowers
And the trees
Start to reach towards
Each and every drop
For the April showers
Have come, and with them
Have brought back life and

I, a flower
You, a shower of April
With your laugh and smile
The drops of life
That I begin to reach for
After this latest winter's

My sky is dark
And you, the break
Able to burst through the clouds
And wash away the debris
Leaving me rejuvenated and
Blooming, as the sun beams my

I want to be with you
And continue to grow
Through each spring
And the winters
To come, cause dear
You aid me in expansion
And push me past my natural

I fall for you
Like rain from cloud to ground
Vigorous love
Like a thick trunked tree with deep roots
My deepest freeze, you thaw
Like the snows in spring
Fill me with happiness
Like the songbirds chirping their songs
For the things I would do for you
There truly are no


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