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Ya Know I Think It’s Fair To Say... That PUPPETS Reign The World TODAY... !!! From Heads of State To Those Making CLAIMS... That They COMMAND The Stage... With WORDPLAY ARRAYS Befitting of... “ A SAGE “... !?!
There CLEARLY Are... " TWO Pools " ... !!! The One Where Artists FUEL Creations That Are COOL... !!! And The ENTERTAINMENT School Where Art Now Gets ABUSED... !!!! These Days THESE... " Entertainers "...
Ya Know This Violence thing Just Isn't In Me... !!! I'm Just Wondering When You Masses Will See... ? That Wars Are Like Whores WITHOUT A Pussy... !!!!!! See It Really Is Futile To Be Messin' With Me... !!!
I Now KNOW What It Is To Be A FRUSTRATED ARTIST... !!!! I May Not Be The FASTEST With Lyrics That I Kick... Or Deemed To Be The HARDEST Because of Scripts I FLIP... !!!
Now I'm A Poetic Man... Who... DOESN'T Like SLAMS... !!!!! And I... NEVER Have... !!!!!! Because EVEN When I Did Them... I Knew They Were A SHAM... !!!!!
So EXACTLY WHAT Is The... " INDUSTRY "... ? A Place For Sheep To BLEAT... !!!!! Or Somewhere For The Weak... To CLAIM That They Sound Sweet...
It Was The Rock Who Said It BEST... !!! But I'll Interpret What He Said... .... "It doesn't matter what you think, of lyrics that I kick ! .... I'm just being artistic, so, stop being a prick !"
my throne be,In a cubicle, utilizing this desktopcomputer watching, metime, zips past,like a racing carjammed, fingersrush through, the traffic of these wordsdriving the clock, killing time
Dear Donald Glover,
When I am down, and in the dumps People say that I am quite the grump.  Although I can become quite corrupt, I have an endless amount of pick-me-ups. Like telling a joke, or being a clown,
Flip the page  To come across a spell Like a mage But spotted about a word of myself dwell I defined as spiffy Being strike as average But on the inside as iffy I can be a bandage
The most interesting thing one can learn Is how time may stretch and weave As you read, view, or listen.   The first time I knew this was true Was found in a year that never happened.
Some of the most moving moments in life Are when we are are sitting on our couches Snug in our beds
Still thinking the things my lips can't say. You may not be flawless but it seems that way. The little things count the most, and I'll never let go of my hope.
Singers, celebrities, artists, Concerts, shows, events… Famous or unknown, Advocates or critics, Succeeds or failures. The importance of promotion, Right management and development.
Dear little Hobbit Will you be coming with us? Our new band of dwarfs Will you leave behind your home, To come and defend us all?
I tell you you’re beautiful every time we talk.. your outline drawn from Gods own chalk But your beauty is way deeper than skin It’s the girl I know that lies within It’s completely amazing and simply breathtaking
All gathered around Our curse the plasma bright screen Our entertainment has changed All from Satellite From one network to more The H.D. black box
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