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The piece missing from every puzzle And when found  I don't fit Some will try hard To press their thumbs  Jamming me in and out of every corner Where I was not made to be So many pieces,
When the sins of my soul reign down on my father And the pain of my mother will not let me go Well I know they can't come down from the sky to refine the purest of soul So they watch from the abyss of intense desperation
Instagram: @CEDBEAST  Lately I've been feeling detached.  But please dnt take it as a form of attack When I dnt reply to your messages your DMs or your snapchats When in fact I'm just on my own dealing with my own shit We grown and it's not everyd
I am a deviant, an enemy of normality An ally of abnormality At war, everyday fighting against social norms My ernest desire is to be on the other side Fighting for normality but I have never qualified
Rotten Apples  Rotten Apples I’m the apple at the bottom of the tree I smoke a joint by myself I married Mr. Lonely I got boogers in my nose  I got cheese between my toes Rotten Apples
A prize he sees A peculiar sight they see  A blind duet  Attention I feel .. Why are we on display  Attention I want but not from them  Faces all around watching the show 
You are not alone, but your mind makes you think that way. What if you're actually alone, Just not accepting of the fact? Maybe. Maybe I am.
I'm surround by close minded individuals + heartless souls.  No one really vibes with me. No one really fucks with me.  No one can understand the gold + wisdom that comes from my tongue.  Day in and day out. 
I am just that one used for fun. Never serious. Just a game. I am not the most wanted player. I am wanted when others get bored. When they need a good laugh. They think I don’t feel.
An imposing fortress commences rearrangement. The walls are well attended to, coalescing to appease simple vision. 
Neglect–ed Ringed out with blood and stretch marks. Wrinkles written in between the crevices of my eyes. They sting and burn. Fighting, fighting, and falling. I kept falling. I failed.
“Congratulations Mamn. She is a beautiful young girl. She will be called Jane 727,690,843.” Brown locks in frenzied curls Frame a round face Diamonds shoot from dark brown eyes A giggle surpasses rose lips
Masters of Darkness. Assassination specialists. Asia's most feared Assassins. Hiding their faces from society.
Sunlight bends at crack in my door trying to sneak a peak into my studio apartment I hide from the cruel outside beneath these sheets Skin pale as the moon And although it's June
 I see you. You see me. Our eyes meet, But out mouths don't speak.  
beautifully mysterious,she hides away in the depths of nothingafraid to take a chance on the dawnnight- her best friendthe only thing she can count onsoon, it too will be gone  
I listened to an old song.
It’s been five years passed…
It took me back
to when I was only 13.
For being so young, I was so haunted.
The world was black and white.
I lived in Arizona
but even the rays of lightcouldn’t 
penetrate my dark cloud.
I l
I walk into the room, no one looks up, I stand just outside the group, no one seems to see. At first I think, "It must be me." Then I realize, it's you.
Conforming, following the example set by your peers. Assimilate, DAWES, the norm. How is something so expected of the young adolescent so bad to actually do? You get accused of: copying, faking, being one dimensional.
Do I dareCommit?Do I dare act so past regret,So inexorably,Just as Alexander cut the Gordian Knot?So it was that he sealed his fate,Was victim to what he wrought.
Depart Your space From my mind , heart and soul Depart me asap && leave me alone Stop giving regrets, pains && sorrows I’ve right to live Stop being
Sometimes I despise people when their eyes are cheerful And they smile around me it feels like they are teasing me because I am always alone Well it's better than being just another clone
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