I am a deviant, an enemy of normality
An ally of abnormality
At war, everyday fighting against social norms
My ernest desire is to be on the other side
Fighting for normality but I have never qualified
I have tried to tweak my talking
To somehow seem similar to the superior but I never fit in
I am a huge elephant in a room full of people, yet I feel invisible
I feel like a dust particle impelling myself to mingle with the humans, is it possible?
But i am always carried away by the air they exhale every time they talk and laugh
Every time I get close to them they inhale just to sneeze me further away from the start
Should I try again? I have had enough
I am a shed leaf having left my grinning family with a shade of brown
Every tree stop the wind takes me is not home
The ony place i belonged was on that twig that has my scar which has dried up by now

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