Instagram: @CEDBEAST  Lately I've been feeling detached.  But please dnt take it as a form of attack When I dnt reply to your messages your DMs or your snapchats When in fact I'm just on my own dealing with my own shit We grown and it's not everyday that we have to kick it I'm just alone in my own zone with my broken mental just learning how to fix it. This reflection in the mirror I dnt recognize it and the fire in my eyes has died and it's time for me to realize that It's time for a change You wouldnt notice but then again how could you I fake every interaction and put on a fake smile that you couldnt see through  Shit I'm just feeling detached. Some say that if I pray then all my demons will go away But thats not true  Cuz I dnt believe anyone's up there listening but let's keep that between me and you Now Im not saying there's not a God I'm just saying I need proof But let's get back to the topic at hand  I'm feeling detached and this is MY truth And truth is I dnt even know why I'm still here I said I dnt even know why I'm still here I thought I'd be long gone way before my sister and her 1st son But for me dnt shed a tear Cuz I'm thinking that's where this all started This feeling of being detached has left me so cold hearted that when someone genuinely cares I push them away And as they're begging me to stay I just throw my wall up and hope that they understand  Asking me to stay is just to high of a demand Man I'm just detached Mentally and emotionally I'm just detached. And that's real. 


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