classic fairy tale twist

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Oh Hedley Kow, You’ve done it again, You made another great commercial somehow! I’m glad you love Chick-fil-A, And you can turn into a talking cow in his cow pen,
Lydia sat sad on her bed As the likes on her Insta ran through her head Her last post’s hearts were no more than 3! But as she lay there consumed with self pity
She lost her mother Like no other. No mother No other New mother  Step mother Step sister Would have hugged and kissed her Loved and missed her, Stuck with step mother and sisters
Peter Pan No one doubted the fact that he was lost; They knew he wondered but they never truly knew the cost. Many think he ran away, that may be true but he didn't go stray.
Mirror, Mirror, on the wall Who's the fairest of them all? I look upon its clear, clean slate praying it will reveal my face I can't remember the last time I slept Or had a mother to whom I wept 
  What if this story was about a beast, And we didn’t need a beauty? What if there was no happy ending, And we ruined your perfect story?
It was quite late at night. A fire lit up the house. My sister, called Snow White, Embroidered Mama’s blouse.   The stitches were of blooms: Some white, the others red. I sat, using the loom,
  I’m a servant I’m a slave I’m a provider For men’s provider   Rub my lamp With your want With your deep Black and lustful Desires   Rub my lamp
                                                                                                      The Good Evil Queen   The beautiful queen cried As her younger sister died Wondering what she might become
The woods are where the bad things happen, they said Where the evil goes To celebrate its victories To dance with hungry wolves
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