The Shoe Makers Elves Take Over Insta

Lydia sat sad on her bed

As the likes on her Insta ran through her head

Her last post’s hearts were no more than 3!

But as she lay there consumed with self pity

3 tiny elves poofed into her room

They claimed they could rid her of her Instagram gloom

So they began a makeover like none before

As Lydia’s confidence began to sore

Lastly the shoes to complete the look

The elves claimed she would be shook

As they revealed the best boots she had ever seen

They explained they had some experience with this kind of thing

Lydia’s page began flooding with love for her post

But she didn’t know she was about to be toast

She had tagged the 3 elves in the comments below

Turns out that was a big no

The elves said that now that their secret was told

They could no longer help her to be so bold

With a great poof the elves were gone

But they helped Lydia learn to be strong

She would never forget her 3 little friends

And that is where this poem ends


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My community
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