Peter Pan Wasn't Actually Lost

Peter Pan

No one doubted the fact that he was lost;

They knew he wondered but they never truly knew the cost.

Many think he ran away, that may be true but he didn't go stray.

One last breath he took that night, and promised all he would take away their fright.

No one doubted the fact that he was lost, many finally knew the cost.


His soul wandered many years searching for the  frightened.

The young who were running, from pain, from hurt, from grief.

Some may say he was an angel, and to many he was their saving grace.


You see he wasn't truly lost,

he was just a soul looking to help the the souls without a cost

Caption hook was the Grimm reaper,

and to kids he couldn't be more creepier.

Peter Pan helped them rest their souls,

Because in the end that was their ultimate goal.


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