2017 What would you change scholarship slam

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I have a picture in my head A world that's glows bright not blue instead If I coud change our world to look like the sun I'd first teach the world to accept everyone No one is less than another
What Happened?   She used to be so sweet  they'd say, Nice to everyone she meets Little do they know she's fighting inside Futilely trying to hide The anger rushing through her blood
Whether it is gradual whether it is quick It can differentiate a flame from a candle stick People overtime have tried and failed But others have tried, succeeded and prevailed Ending discrimination is all I desire
The lights darken. The moon has risen. The beast is awake. I have hidden. Hiding from my fears. My pain. My truth.
What would she change? Her hair? Her face? Herclothes? Her waist? What would he change? His mom? His dad? To be happy? To be sad?
Change. Such a powerful word and so difficult to enact Makes the idealists and dreamers have to face the fact
United as one?  More like broken into fifty little slices. The United States is forever done  if violence continues as a crisis. Women aren't given chances to suceed, 
If you give a kid the tools He’ll forever thank you He’ll be enthused by his learning And develop a different point of view   His creative thinking will Advance him in his learnings
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