What Happened?

What Happened?


She used to be so sweet 

they'd say, Nice to everyone she meets

Little do they know she's fighting inside

Futilely trying to hide

The anger rushing through her blood

Filling her with rage and tears, like a flood

What happened?


Once vibrant and colorful

Now drained of everything wonderful

Saying all she needed was rest

While alone she was doing her best

To not acknowledge the pain that would start 

In her head to her feet to her heart

What happened?


To the one who hides what he can feel

Because he can't acknowledge it's real

This love he's told not to possess

And it's making everything a mess

Deep down he knows it's true

He has to tell someone, wouldn't you?

What happened?


This one fills her veins with coffee

Rather confronting family

And to her I have to apologize 

Because her choice of friends were not wise

She chose the angry and the pained, offering her hand

Undergoing trials even she couldn't withstand.

What happened?


With the girl who was a source of light

Trying to get friends to smile with all her might 

She's now choking on her aspirations,

Feeling the weight of the decisions,

While people keep forgetting

The sound of her laughing

What happened?


To the boy with the humorous grin

Who’s mouth a joke resides in

Now drowning in a bottle of tears

Or is it really his fears?

That keep him drunk with levity

Because it's better than facing reality.

What happened?



Upon ones with the perfect skin?

A true symbol of their kin

Now trying to use it as a canvas

A combination of blood and glass

Showing parallel lines on their wrists 

Thinking they wouldn’t be missed.

What happened?


What happened?

When should we have stepped in?

Intervened on behalf of the fallen

Tried to not let the demons win

When was fighting seen as a sin?

What happened.


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My family
My community
My country
Our world
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