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Atrophying morality “Mexico will pay for the wall” Even though Trump lost the popular vote, he’s our president Radical islam is always to blame
Make America Great Again. That will be a tough task. This is a question that shouldn't even be asked. Great? America? Ha, don't make me laugh.
America, the land of the free and the home of the brave,Where no one ever had to be afraid.America, the treasure trove of opportunity and equality,Where everyone could turn their dreams into reality!
I guess I'll begin with something deep: "America the beautiful the land of the free." Is what they say, but that depends on what freedom means to me. Freedom means I can say what i want, freedom means i can be who i want.
America the Great? What's happened to you? You've changed for the worst - I barely even recognize you.   You were once loving and accepting, But now you're filled with so much hate,
Dear Mr. President By: Princesa A. Santiago   Dear Mr. President thanks to you this country has never been greater,
america the great, oh powerful is thee you strip the land of Habitats, and chop down all the Trees   your pride is evident everyone can see you put your nation’s treasured Bird
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