America the Free

I guess I'll begin with something deep:

"America the beautiful the land of the free."

Is what they say, but that depends on what freedom means to me.

Freedom means I can say what i want, freedom means i can be who i want.

Freedom means i can make descions i choose, even if those choices wrongly affect me.

I love America, there are no tensions between you and me.

For the most part I truly believe this country is free

But if i make this personal instead of thinking objectively i get back to the question.

What does freedom mean to me?

And when i think on that question, and i think on the money your stealing from me

To fund things that i dont even want to think

It comes back to

"America the land of the free,"

Now i know there is Communism and socialism and worst

I know other parts of the world have it far worse

But just for one second of this afternoon I'd like to be selfish 

And maybe your right, I'm ungrateful, I'm bad.

But when I hear those riots and gun shots its hard to think

America isn't half bad.

Yes, I know theres no place that Id rather be.

No place rather than "America the free?"

But what does freedom really mean to me





This poem is about: 
My country


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