my country

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Neither from the blood, Running in your veins, Nor from your, Documented Nationality. You are an Indian only, If you can give everything for it.
they tell me to stay quiet classy women don't speak loud inside voices you'll enrage the men who are proud   hoping someone would yell for me I stayed silent but it is inevitable 
Dear Heaven, I am merely a stranger in search of a home Your customs are rather unusual Those of which I am willing to assimilate Stories of your angels have been told in my land for ages
Been through several nations but nothing compares to mine Carved, designed and shaped in such fashion, so divine resembles the beauty of a women, the original women, the mother of all mothers
This nation is closing in  The borders are suffocating The immigrants have to leave But, why?  Isn't this the land of the free? These people just want to breathe. So open the gates
My heart beats to the drum of patriotism Blaring to be heard not deterred by obnoxious fascism  I, you, he, she, we make America beautiful, gorgeous It isn't a concept or a pretty entity, it's our personal fortress We hold it together, wiping the
I hear vulnerable minds announce the new slogan "Make America Great Again" But if you're not privileged You know America was never great This country was built on the blood of nations,
America the beautiful,With red, white, and blue,Welcoming to both me and you,A land of opportunity but for who?   Red blood stain the streets,With senseless violence and rubber bullets,Tear gas blinds your eyes, and you can no longer breath,For as
Oh say can’t you see Ms. Liberty? You should be bending down on your knees, bending over backwards,   Begging Please   Begging that your babies stop being shot in the streets
Higher taxes for the rich, To let others' lives go without a hitch. Equal opportunity for all, Even for those who aren't tall. My America is coming soon, But with work, we can make it bloom.
U.S.A, the land of the Founding Fathers or is it the land of the American Originals? This is the country of extreme responders every decade a new movement the country where I am Free.
O’ America what was your name before they stripped you of your identity? How does it feel with all that blood within your soil?  Does it displease you that people have ruined your good name?
Sometimes we think that, Others are spoiled, and we are victims. It is proposed, “This country is dying, failing, a broken system,” “Was it ever great?” they echo, Each election hastens shock and recoil,
I can’t sleep on the fourth of July. Not when fireworks  sound like cracked whips and sparklers glisten  like blood under a streetlamp.  
I Hi there! Please go away now! You don’t belong here!  You don’t look like us, You don't sound like us, and You don’t do things like us!
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