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They bark, They roar, They tweet, They squeak. These 2 legged, 4 legged, 8 legged friends Will be my influences until the end. They have taught me to be passionate.
I wonder about you.   I wonder if that smile is genuine, or if you force your muscles To make up a lie.  
  Dear friend Wipe away those tears I know it hurtsBut trust me when i say there are better daysU will smile againU are beautiful and amazingDont let this break u
When you meet and spend some time With a new friend who is truly kind You'll feel a special warmth and pride For they have touched you deep inside Don't be scared or feel betrayed
Dear Ana, There is something out there for you, you can't hear it or see it, but it's there Like a flower growing, or a caterpillar unknowing You will grow, you will bloom, transform, and fly
Dear, you You know who you are You know why you’re far Away, but I don’t care why Whenever I think of you I almost cry
Annoying Classes But Comical People Disgusting Lunch Everyday But Fun Times Grumpy Teachers and Harmful Homework
Cherish the Present Moment  How precious are times with friends, even moments that seem plain; For, once gone, they can never be experienced again!  
It’s ok, that’s love Rips your heart out and becomes Sad and beautiful like a fallen dove  
    Friends are incredible They jump in your train of life They are very dependable And they want you to strife  
Hello How are you today I am great Are you? You show a smile I think you look nice with it I don't think you know how beautiful you are I know I'm smart But in my own way
Because I Love You I protected you from bullies since we were little. "Crybaby" "Loser" "Whiny" "Weak" They called you all this and more, but I stopped it Because I Love You. Classes separated and we drift,
The drawer squeaks as I open it up covered in cob webs and dust as I peer inside to see what it holds Pens and pencils, barely used too yet seem worn, so they're tossed the action seemed long overdue
Sometimes, Being alone is better than being in a crowd.   Sometimes, A hug is better than comfort.   Sometimes, Silence is better than words.   Sometimes,
The road is dark and dreary My feet are getting weary Of the Life Way Street   My eyes are not adjusting
The three of us collectively decided to end our 12 hour video gaming session. Elizabeth has dark circles under her eyes, and Joey was face down on the couch
  We’re best friends—You and I.We’ve been through more Hell togetherThan the world will ever know.  
As I sat outside in the dark hall, the door across the way opened a little. I gazed at the door, observing the light that spilled out from the room it was concealing. Loud laughter that enchanted me
My environment makes me It shapes who I am My environment makes me It shaped who I am My environment makes me It makes it hard to trust friends Saw the other side was green
For Curt.    His eyes were an offset blue, Identical to the unyielding forces of the tempestuous sea and the churning influence of the clouds. Or were they an unpolished silver,
Each of us was drifting through life feeling the rush of time and looking for nothing in particular. I saw you, but I don't remember when. I met you, but I don't remember how.
Impossibilities, They rule over me; Like the inconsistency… That this will continue to rhyme.    All over the fence, Like the one I had to jump over, Literally and figuratively.
I am thankful to have friends who care about me Who understand me  And stand by my side even when things get rough
Fitting in was never really my goal I had plenty of friends of my own But there was something about that one group of girls That made me crave to be their clone    I tried and I tried
Tick tock, The hands spin round We all heard the clock but together we ignored it, It was distant, beyond our sight There’s still time left
Sports occur all year round. Grades and school add time and stress. Friends are a highlight. 
I would've killed for you. Instead, you killed me. Not literally, though I wish you had. I've been happy without you. At least, up until this moment. I seem to have found myself crying in bed.
We met our freshman year Not knowing what was to come, At the time one thing was clear You and I would stick together like gum.  
It’s the simple things you do that make my day brighter. It’s the way that you always say hi that makes me smile.   It’s the way you pull me close when I’m crying that calms me.
What happens to friends? Why do they just leave? Like a leaf in the wind Is it something I did? You called me fat. You called me ugly.
I am Mexican-American, I am one of you I was born and raised here, like many of you too My people are hard workers, and we stick together When things get rough, we help one another
For me its gold But for them its dirt The way they treat The way they speak But whatever it is It doesnt fit They came along Both singing a song But how fast they came
When I opened the door to my mind every morning I would groan, saying It's time to open the lids to my eyes, hoping everything would go well at school. My mind all in a flurry,
Losing a friend is a hard thing to go through , It's like losing a part of your heart.  Eventhough you feel as though you feel as though as you did nothing wrong  It still hurts to them walk away.
An escape from everything Away from the hatred of the world Away from the terrors of the world Away from the hypocrites of the world To feel good is to feel happy Find happiness and you shall feel peace
 An escape from everything // Away from the hatred of the world // Away from the terrors of the world // Away from the hypocrites of the world // To feel good is to feel happy // Find happiness and you shall feel peace.  
To see my friends laugh, Brings joy to my heart. Seeing their true happiness, Makes me laugh with them!
it's just lately I've been thinking about you and the things we used to do always running around townwithout a care without a frown before the world started ragging on us before it started showing us what we're not 
My Smile My day was bad, All of my teachers just made me mad, And I'm frustrated, Crying seems to be fated, But then he comes to me and makes me laugh, And my troubles are gone thanks to Zach,
Whether it is love or friendship I do not know But you could describe all of the beauty you see in her. You could describe the "good" with the words of the gods.
I can speak I can stare I can try to comfort Try to imagine  I still have yet to comprahend  A choice that was made A choice I have thought of many times
If she had a nickel for evertime she'd scowl at her body She would be so wealthy her body would be covered in money. Clutching her hands around her thighs, cinching her waist with her fingers coiling herself around.
Kylie, why?As our high school senior year is at its endI realize I may never see you againI  know I will  forever miss you dearly my friendBecause you have always been like my kin
"I have always had feelings. The more vocabulary I knew helped me explain these feelings. The more I attended school the more I knew these feelings were important and could be expressed on to paper.
  At first she was No. Now, No was beautiful And no I’m not talking about that porcelain skin, straight hair thigh gap beautiful. no!
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