letter to Someone

Thu, 12/07/2017 - 17:14 -- Beglad

Dear, you

You know who you are

You know why you’re far

Away, but I don’t care why

Whenever I think of you I almost cry

Because of how our friendship kind of ended

Before it fully began

I wonder all the time if you have not attended

That class because of my terrible stupidity, and

If there is anything I can do to make it right

I just want to be your friend before I die

You said that you forgave me but we never talked again

And I sometimes wonder if you just said that

Because I asked to be forgiven

Whenever I think of what happened

I just want to hit myself with a bat

I hope that this is not the end

I want to apologize again to you

Through these words too few

For what I said and did

It was pure evil that cannot be hid

Please forgive me and know

That I will always try to show

How sorry I am for my actions

This was my last infraction

On anything to do with you

I just have one favor to ask

Will you please give me a chance to

Earn your friendship at last?




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