My Twin

We met our freshman year

Not knowing what was to come,

At the time one thing was clear

You and I would stick together like gum.


At times we argued and fought

But we still got along somewhat,

You were serious and I was not

But we stood together no matter what.


You had problems with your boy

Even when we argued I was still there,

You think it is you I love to annoy

I don’t always show it but for you I care.


You could truly hurt and break me

I could do the same and hit you in your heart,

But we both know and both agree

We should go back to the beginning and restart.


We’ve talked often and mostly at night

Fights, arguments and harsh words left behind,

I used to admire you but it was mostly in fright

But now I realize that you are caring and kind.


Coming to the final year of high school

We give our friendship another spin,

Closer than ever and like ice, we are cool

I would be forever lost without my twin.


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