a taste for rare seafood

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You hit me like a thunderstormFierce and without warningYour sudden electricityBrings a spark of live to something deep within me
My heart is dancing on a razor's edgeSplitting painfully in twoI nearly don't, but almost doRegret the truth I told to you
There are some things I just knowThoughts come fast and thoughts come slowEvery thought of you twists into meLove's everlasting agony
You are the cartographerAnd I, the compass roseYour maps show where we've already beenBut there are other places still to go
I guess I'm somewhat used to thisIt's normal, more or lessThe games that we don't know we playAre really just a test
Drip-drip, pitter-patterA steady pace to punctuate a thoughtTurns to a down-pour with a crack of thunderAnd a single thought becomes a roar
Why not speak?Direct my thoughts in a linear wayWhy hold back the truth in me?The cacophony of things I need to say
Easy breathing and a steady heart beatSoft thoughts; a gentle smile that you can't seeTimes like this, when I'm raw and real and weakI thank Heaven that you're blind to me
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