Somewhat, More or Less

I guess I'm somewhat used to this
It's normal, more or less
The games that we don't know we play
Are really just a test

You're somewhat of a mouse, you know?
Or maybe you're the cat
More or less, that's how it's always been
We chase each other there and back

It's more than somewhat frustrating
How you're always out of reach
It's far less than encouraging
Despite what you may think

I'm somewhat of a coward now
And I don't know what to do
I'm more or less just waiting here
And hoping for a cue

I don't think you can lead this
That much is somewhat clear
It's more or less my duty now
To figure out how to steer

I don't know where we're going
The skies are somewhat grey
I want to get your take on this
But I'm afraid of what you'd say

This is more or less the way things are
We edge close and then away
This is somewhat of a normalcy
To not be on the same page

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