Almost Regret

My heart is dancing on a razor's edge
Splitting painfully in two
I nearly don't, but almost do
Regret the truth I told to you

I can't regret a feeling 
A feeling's not a choice
But I sometimes think I should have looked away
Instead of giving it a voice

I tried to fight it
Tried to convince my heart it was wrong
I eventually gave into it
Thought the truth might make me strong

I was mistaken
I'm still a coward, running scared
Nothing's really changed
Some might think we've gotten closer, but Love, you're barely there

I'm trying to be patient
It's not an easy task
You vanish in an instant
And I'm too damn scared to ask

I almost regret it
Giving in and being true
I wish I could just walk away
But it looks like I still feel for you

What is it about you
That keeps me so enthralled?
I try to move forward
But it's like I don't exist at all

This is harder than it looks, I know
But I've been giving it my best
Yet I feel like I just bother you
Nothing but a pest

I should have kept my mouth shut
This was the only choice I had
Even now, I don't know if it was worth it
I'm always looking back

I wonder if you notice this
Do you even have a clue?
No, I don't regret it
But sometimes, I almost do

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