Cartographer and a Compass Rose

You are the cartographer
And I, the compass rose
Your maps show where we've already been
But there are other places still to go

You might know the situation here
On this easier terrain
But the edge of the map is just a single step
Let's see what lies another way

Your maps won't draw themselves, you know
So let's find a new road to explore
Even this region you've plotted so well
Was completely blank before

I know you think it's safer here
Where things remain the same
But the only road already blazed
Leads back the way we came

So many ways that we could go
A thousand maps to yet unfold
You've shown where we've walked in the past
So let's head off the beaten track

Come on, my dear cartographer
Take up your pen again
Follow me, I'll point the way
To a place we've never been

For you are the cartographer
And I, the compass rose
We compliment each other
So let's make a brand-new map

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