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The trees illuminate with a brilliant radiance, shadows of bushy branches break the sunlight, and birds sing songs to neighboring beings. The air smells of something sweet like the best parts of nature.
Campus was cra-zay in an atrium, but was it that jac-ket... that pulled me to you?I didn't say a thing, somehow we're introduced. Thought there was something, did you feel it too?  And I walked away (oh, oh), kept myself at bay (oh, oh).
Love is a beautiful thing, when done right Love can be amazing, without all the fights You should always be happy, never sad  Never tell your partner things you'll regret, just 'cuz your mad
<p>I'm no longer in step like a marching band member off his countsI'm no longer in the program like a singer cut from the choirI'm no longer in the loop like a roller coaster off of its tracksI'm no longer with the conventional crowd anymor
On this earth we are wondrous creatures we hold so much beauty and promise. It’s our only instinct to change the world to be remembered in one way or another
You probably don't know me, but my friend made you add me on snapchat.
No, my parents do not fight. No, my grades aren't bad. No, my family's wallets aren't tight. No, I do not appear to be sad.   No, I am not called ugly or fat.
Anonymous, AnonymousDo you find yourself stressing constantly?Are you lost as to where you went wrong in this crazy life nonsense?Are you unsure of who you are....Or what your life should represent?
I am the clutter
When do the lessons of fiction come and play into reality? Why does nonfiction become affliction and government becomes arbituary?   ORDER! ORDER! ORDER! They'll scream until they're blue.
We Are Anonymous Like the Mosquito that comes to bite you and you kill it. Now she is a forgotten entanglement of red and black. But you are still scratching the bitemark.
How Can I write about Who is hiding behind the curtain?
You hide. Hide from everyone. Everything. You try to blend in with the cream white walls.  The walls that you wish you could hide behind. The walls you built around your heart.
She walks by him and he notices her, She turns to face him He smiles sweetly at her and notices her radiant beauty She smiles back and she notices his charm Her eyes are like emeralds His like sapphires
Tomato cheeks, Sparking hair, disarrayed cloth, empty chair, young cold, filing lines, full chair, similar voice, no face, one blue sky, pairs of shoes,
We are anonymous so we will never end. When it gets quiet, that's when our fight begins.   Prepared  and aware. For peace and for love. Yes, we want our guns. But we're tired of blood.  
Don't look At Me Now
  Once a generation lived Anonymous. They had an inescapable forbidden love. Parents blame it on incompetence; Forbidden because of its godliness; Anonymous to afraid of the consequence,
Summer was in the air, I roamed without a care.Although I lived in fear,Because the end could be near,I was never afraid,My mind was made.I would never let us fall apart,I could feel it in my heart.
When you meet someone what’s the first thing you notice? Their hair, clothes, shoes, color? We unconsciously judge people with no motive  
It is easy to get lost in a world full of lies Where truth hides its face in a clever disguise Blissfully ignorant is how we should live Our leaders prefer to take much more than to give
It is the sound of rain and thunder and the ever present fire that swirls into the sky Siren wails and the rumble of horses galloping across the never ending ocean.
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