On this earth we are wondrous creatures

we hold so much beauty and promise.

It’s our only instinct to change the world

to be remembered in one way or another

Our footprints kept forever like the universe keeps the stars

their dust settling into our skin as we are marked legendary

as if the sun and moon itself predicted it so

Yet, no matter where we go, we are left in an unconscious stream of anonymity

We may walk the streets of a city, the lights kept in our view, but our fingerprints will not

remain on the glass doors, on the windows, our footprints will never be set in the concrete sidewalks, only to have a countless number of people step in the exact same place that you have many times over. You’ve walked the streets of many, and still, you remain anonymous.

Your actions never justified, your steps never counted.

Every bar, every cafe, every cup of coffee and shot glass.

Anonymous we will remain. No matter where you go, you can leave this city without a word, you can go and come as you please. No one knows who you are nor does anyone care. Let me be something to someone, let me read the storybooks in your eyes and let me just stay in your arms a little longer. Let me be heard.

I am in this large city, the lights in my eyes, on my skin, beating down to my core and I will still

to this day

Anonymous I will remain.


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