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The truth is odd. Sometimes, it hurts. Sometimes, it's good for us. And sometimes, you don't know how to react to it. I told her the truth, and that's what she said. Word for word.
Bathed in my warm light Leaching out degrees, last thing I heard Was you calling goodbye in flight Leaving just your memory, dim and blurred
She said she was strong but was really weak. She tried happiness but never seemed to find it. Life never seemed easy for her. Why does everything go so wrong? I need to find love to save me from falling behind.
I saw you there, My loyal guide, A man of raven hair and blue eyes, Quite tall in stature, With cream skin, You took my hand, Then we began, We walked along an empty field, 
Deep in the darkness, The goo falls on down, Right from the ceiling, Onto the ground, Then there before me, Lies my own head, That sings to me songs, That fill me with dread,
I come to seek a Great Perhaps In a world where I can be okay i'll confess my sins and won't dwell on the cut communication i won't Divide the world into versions of me or You
I've been finding myself lost in thought quite often. I feel differently than those who are around me. In a way its almost relieving,
You ate the moon,  Stealing the light out of my sky It's dark inside and outside, And I'm stumbling across the ground The wind shakes the drees And the branches reached for me,
Today I saw a squirrel  and I named it Peanut. I don't know why: he just looked like a Peanut, as in the name and not the food.   He was squat and round, grey whiskers poking out across
To bring some awe to your your life, look at the mundane in a new light
A Women of All Odds   Please pay no attention to the women behind those books Intelligence is over-rated; twerking is all the new rage
How do you make sense of an upside down chair when the sky sees the surface that belongs to the eyes of the earth put it right side up again and then finally it is useable yellow chairs bowing to the trees
This is a haiku;
A stencil does not
  Colder than Night             Grimacing upon light             Trudging in sorrow             Contradicting death             Let them come over tomorrow
  Via Picture Frame             Picture via frame             Timelines render figures of black             Silent, swift, messy             Turn a blind eye
As the years have passed
As the months 
You seem simple Yet so complex You stare back Your face round and white In an attempt to discover more about you, I peeled back the layers But seeing that side of you only made me cry
"Is she always like this?" I'm asked time and time again The crowd always follows Even when they know nothing They're curious about her As only the physical is obvious to them
Blank document, is the best way to describe my mind as this very moment. Disconnect this USB, full of confusing thoughts, to calm down this process i have going on
Today, I will crumble my map Follow nothing but the howls of the dogs Bring my worries to a cap And sing all of my favorite songs
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