Mon, 05/27/2013 - 16:54 -- Mkaso

Blank document,
is the best way
to describe my mind
as this very moment.

Disconnect this USB,
full of confusing thoughts,
to calm down this process
i have going on

I have no clue how to
completely shut this program off
CTRL + DLT wont be satisfactory enough

Maybe if i just drag
my mind into
the recycling bin
everything will will
soon be forgotten and fine

I just remembered,
my mouse does not work
i'm not capable;e of turning
this mission successful,
so now, there is no hope

What can i say, i am computerized
my mind is crystallized into
tiny microbes with a set of eyes

I truly give up
i am done trying
to repair this program
from shutting down and dying

Maybe i should just
make truce w my thoughts
Maybe then i will say OK
and look through its files
and surely use them enough

It it useless to refrain
listening to what is inside of you,
because it is embedded in,
there is no escaping the
glitches your being has
ever so pixelizing-ly made for you

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The poem carries a great message. I can relate to wanting to turn off my thoughts. Great job!

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